25th FCAL Workshop

In the series of traditional FCAL meetings, the 25th Workshop of the Collaboration on Forward Calorimetry (FCAL) at a future e+e- collider will take place in Belgrade, 12-13 of October, as a LCWS14 satellite meeting. The 25th FCAL workshop is organized by the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences with the support from the Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

The Workshop addresses the state-of-the art of instrumentation of the very forward regions at ILC and CLIC, including simulation studies of physics and detectors, sensors and read-out electronics design, prototyping and performance. The Workshop is open to anyone interested in physics and detector R&D at ILC and CLIC, bringing together local and the international communities.

The Workshop will share the LCWS14 conference venue.

25th FCAL WS Program Committee

List of registrants


The proceedings to the WS have been published online by the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015.

ISBN: 987-86-7306-127-6.

Editors: Aharon Levy, Strahinja Lukić, Mila Pandurović


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In order to enable LCWS14 participants to register at more favorable price the early-registration deadline is extended to the 15th of September
22.07.2015. LCWS14 grants
We would like to announce that several grants will be offered to PhD students to participate the conference.
The abstract submission deadline for the Calorimetry/Muons track has been moved to 17th September.
We ask for proposals for theory, phenomenology and experimental contributions to the Top/QCD/Loopverein sessions (title & short abstract).
If you wish to make a contribution to the Simulation/Detector Performance/Reconstruction session, please send email with the proposed title and a short abstract...
If you wish to propose a contribution for the Machine Detector Interface/Integration/Polarisation sessions, please send us the title and a short abstract.
As conveners of the Beyond the Standard Model Physics Working Group we solicit proposals for theory, phenomenology or experimental contributions to our parallel sessions (title, short abstract and references, if available).
We invite you to submit a talk to the Higgs/EW parallel session. Titles with short abstracts should be submitted to all Higgs/EW conveners...
The deadline for abstract submission is Monday, 8 September 2014. If you would like to propose a contribution, please send the title and a short abstract to the conveners.
We would like to invite your proposals for contributions for the "Calorimetry/Muon Systems" sessions.